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Friday, February 22, 2013

Things to do before life changes

There is always a time in everyone's life when a person thinks to do few things before a certain time date in time. Like, for example, some may think to learn photography before they are 21 years of age, or some may want to play some adventure sport before they strike 25 years of age. Mostly milestones are like 18 years, 21 years, 25 years, 30 years, and so on... Or sometimes these are before some particular event like graduation, first job, marriage, first child, anything.

To be honest, I feel if someone has not had this feeling yet, there is something wrong!!! Not because I feel to do certain things but because if you don't feel to do certain things before certain time period, you might end up not doing it. Eventually, this means you wanted to do something but you did not do it. How bad is that!!

I have crossed my 25 mark and I am pretty far away from the 30 mark, so nothing to plan for that. However, marriage is close by so I was thinking can there be something that I haven't done and I might want to do before I am married? It was a tough question, more  I though, more I felt it to be a question as tough as the biggest question one can ever face. 

Then, I did what anyone else would have done in this situation - Search on the internet for answers. Obviously, I am not the one alone who faced this question. As I said, "There is always a time in everyone's life when a person thinks this", so there must be someone with more enthu and access to post what he/she did. May be I can get some clues. The internet gave out wide range, really really wide range of answers. Some were weird, some tempting, but very few that I would really want to do.

Like, there was one thing as "Play in casino in Los Angeles". No matter how much I love to watch those casinos in hollywood movies and no matter how seriously awesome that feel, I can never do it because I will never bet my money on casino stuff. Plus, I am not going LA as of now, so lets keep that aside. Another interesting thing on internet was "take a road trip" - yes, the Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara slash Dil Chahta Hai types. Though its a great thought to be carried out with friends, but its not something I haven't done already.

Another was learn to dance. Yeah.. Nice idea. May be I can help people learn to dance ;) And then, I was out of ideas even from internet. What things one can do before marriage so as to cherish the his/her single-hood. Have any ideas, let me know.

Why is this so important? Let me try to tell you something about life. 

Life changes in a moment. Yesterday you were enjoying college life and today, its over and you are on a job. Last hour you were a husband/wife only and this hour, you are a parent. Till now you were living on your own terms and today you are responsible. That one moment changes you, that one moment discards what you have been for years together, that moment not only redefines your identity but it alters you as if it has completely cleared the whiteboard and now you have to start all over again; that one moment exposes you to what you have never been. Whether you want it or not, it changes you.. changes you from inside in a very strange way that is impossible to understand.

So, if you know that this moment is coming, then my friend, live what you have today to the best of your capability. Yes, the moment is not bad, it may be the most beautiful moment, it will make you feel alive as never before... but this moment also needs to be enjoyed and this moment deserves to be marked forever because it will never come back. You will never be 18 again, of 21 or any other number. You will never be the same high school or college person, you will never be the same new-to-job person, you will never be what you are today.

May be I lost my track of what I was writing here, but its ok, I never decided what to write.

More to come, hopefully.