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Tuesday, December 25, 2012



Textbook definition of accident may tell you that it is an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.

It is just something that happened, and nothing else. What about the people who say there is reason behind everything that happens. I don't usually believe in this thinking especially because many things cannot be justified by any reason. But lets go with this for a moment because Master Oogway from Kung Fu Panda said - "There are no accidents", Let's think that there must be a purpose behind anything that we normally feel is an accident.

There are no accidents

Typically, after an accident, you get lot of free time to think over it. In usual case - because you are hurt and are advised to take rest and you are not capable to go to office.

So, was thinking, why would an accident happen when someone is travelling? With no fatal injuries, luckily, touchwood - what could be the reason for the accident.

  1. Was it to teach driving sense - may be not if there is no fault involved as such.
  2. was it to remember God - I don't think this is how it works. Ya, this may be outcome but cannot be reason.
  3. was it to give some rest - in this case, a common cold with mild fever would have been suffice.

Then what?

May be, it was just an accident and no reason for it. An in case there was any reason or lesson to be learnt, I request the One with Power to give more hints on this without injuries. Will try best to learn.

More to come, hopefully. Ouch..


  1. Hi,

    Happy New Year!!! How are you? Are you all right?

    1. Hi..

      I am fine now. Met with an accident few days back but getting better now. Nothing serious :)

      Hope u r doing good.. happy new year to u too.