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Friday, November 9, 2012

It is Diwali time

What new to write was one of the few questions I came across today (Isn't this surprising!!). Diwali is just around the corner so I was thinking to write a bit about it. So the question is, do I write about Diwali festival the way I use to write essay in school? FYI - I used to score not-so-bad, may be about 7.5 or 8 out of 10. Usually starting with the days of Diwali, their importance and also some personal experiences of Diwali celebrations.

Ya... let's skip this method of writing because I have something really interesting thing going in my mind. I am recalling my previous Diwali celebrations and the progress of my thoughts about Diwali. Hope this interests the readers. Please forgive me if the technicalities of Diwali are either missing or incomplete due to my ignorance.

Day - Naraka Chaturdashi: Celebrated for Narakasura's killing by Krishna.
I used to think it is the day when we have to take bath before sunrise called Abhyanga Snaan. Fire crackers, lights and prayers. I used to think that the this day of Diwali is to find out how many things can you do when actually in sleep. Many times I discovered that bathing is one of the things that I can do even when in sleep.

Day - Lakshmi Puja: Worshipping Devi Lakshmi. Most important day of Diwali. For many years, it had been a day of taking out and adoring old and very old coins (which are only used during Puja). Then find something which was forgotten long back like silver whistle (which I always fell in love at sight with) from don't-at-all-know when. Also, during the times I was very much interested in fire crackers, this was the most awaited evening. Fire crackers used to go up as soon as Puja starts.

Now-a-days however, I refrain from any fire crackers. In fact, it's a strict no  from my side to blow any noisy stuff. It does cause hysteric problems to many living beings.

Day - Bhaubeej (Bhaiduj/Yama Dwitiya): Celebrates the story of Yama visiting his sister Yami (river Yamuna) and giving her gift.
I always thought this day as a mini-Rakshabandhan except for Rakhi. My favorite day.

Day - Dhanatrayodashi: Celebrates the birth of Dhanvantari during "Samudra manthan".
For me, this is day of shopping especially of Gold. Not really interested in this totally because of lack of interest in any jewels but it's very important day and I remember many new things being bought on this day of Diwali.

Day - Padwa:  Month of Kartik starts. Special day for Husband and wife.
Don't remember me doing anything with my wife on this day. Oh wait, I am not yet married.

I love festivals. I love Diwali. The smell of fire crackers. The fragrance of "Utna". The eatables made as "Faral". Even though the job and professional life has restricted my time spend on Diwali at home, I still enjoy every bit of it as much as I can.

Recently, last few Diwali times have been full of many experiences. For once or twice, I missed being at home on Diwali due to job. Another time I drove about 500 km to home. Family pulling me in marriage related discussions on Diwali is now usual from last year or so but luckily; as it proved; it has been good to be not married yet.
Another time was when I drove 600 km something from home to work location. The eating till you can't even stand the smell stuff when you visit friends' homes on Diwali. 

Oh.. so many things. Just so so many of them. Could start a separate blog on it. Have a safe and happy Diwali.
Happy Diwali

More to come, hopefully.


  1. wish you too a very very happy diwali dear ....anyways want details later on that "Almost getting married" part ;)

    1. Expected this. Wait for my call tonight. Happy Happy Diwali to u too :)