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Thursday, October 11, 2012

The change in time - 90's and now

I was thinking how much my life has changed. Why just mine, every one's life has changed a lot due to the new technologies around. This day, I was at an Uncle's place where he was telling me about the laptop he bought in the 90's @ about a lakh. Imagine the facilities it would have had - NOTHING. That's right, hardly anything as compared to even computing that you can do on today's phones.

The truck calls are non existent now a days. The post office also get rare visits from many of us. Remember the time when we had to go finding a Red box of post to send letter to someone or to some competition?

For my age, the technology was already in place during my college time, but during school - that was not there. Had used land line phone a lot during my school days. Calling up someone and the chat went for hours - suddenly someone would come and say - free up the phone, I want it.

Remember that initial Dial up Internet use period where using Internet would block the phone calls. Or a phone call (even missed call) would disconnect the already super duper slow Internet.

Remember going to offices to pay the bills? Most of all - remember video players and video games. Bringing VHS on rent along with some movie. Tracking was the usual word then. So was the case with the games like Contra and Mario - play and play.

Here are the some memes I ran into on the Internet that qualifies to the lines I just said above. Hope you enjoy.


Some people would be "lost" without their smart phones. In the 90s, the way to be reached was by pager and then pray that there was a telephone around.

Research papers used to be a lot tougher to get done before the lightning fast Internet and Google came along. It required actually going through the books and checking them out.

Before there was a flood of different MP3 players, there was only a few ways to listen to music. Disc man and Walkmans.

Now its about xbox, wii and play station and motion controlled games and innovative controllers. Back in the original Nintendo games, there was only one way to play Duck Hunt. And talk about Angry Birds!

Before Facebook and other social media sites, it was much more difficult to find anything on that cute girl/boy who you are too shy to talk to.

For all those people that made a mixed tape, this strikes a nerve. It was almost an art to make a playlist in the 90s.

During the 90s the only way to pay the bills were to mail checks in or go in person to pay the bill. Now its not necessary to even get out of bed with Online Bill Pay.

Dial ups: There was a time when we had to choose between being online or making a call. This added a lot of stress in many households.

Nowadays its as simple as whipping out the cellphone and putting in the digits. If only asking for the number was any easier.

The Fresh Prince was a favorite for many growing up in the 90s. And the catchy tune was one that had to be memorized.

The video game stuck: This old trick just doesn't work any more.

Giant tv's, game cartridges, bad fashion... yep, this really is the 90's in one picture!

More to come, hopefully.

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