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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Table with an umbrella at CCD

Hanging out with friends at CCD, I always get fascinated by many things; most of which others find weird. This time, I wanted to have a table with an umbrella set.

My place has a room size balcony. Most of the time, it is unused. What will suit best in it is a table with an umbrella along with maybe four chairs. This may be expensive so I am even ready to drop the chairs part and can sit just below the umbrella lowering the table base. Sounds good, right.
at CCD Pune

But, every good sounding thing has a not-so-good sounding price tag. A normal table+bench+umbrella set costs about Rs. 7000 - Rs.8000 minimum(Yes, I had it checked few months ago). Here at CCD, the table and umbrella which I saw, wow it was. A heavy, sturdy and great looking metal stuff with granite round table as base and even the umbrella was made up of metal. Guessing the price - at least around Rs. 20000. So I started hoping that there is a shop with second or even third hand sale for this kind of stuff. Or may be the CCD itself sell out the tampered/damaged table with an umbrella stuff.

Question arises - what can really damage such a heavy metal piece. It is nearly impossible to be damaged by natural rains/thunder or even small run-over accidents that can happen over the coffee at CCD. But there has to be something that can damage. If there is something, I would love to do anything to make it happen. CCD sells it or not is a later part.

So I was looking around, 360 degree search for something with ability and capability to damage a dinosaur strength like table with an umbrella at CCD. India's must win and win big cricket match was going on against South Africa in T20 world cup but we were not even bothered. My friends and me were literally eavesdropping on every possible candidate who could result in damage of the table with an umbrella at CCD.

Table with an umbrella

And we found her. She was a fair, smiling girl - shouting at the boy she was with. She was banging her hands on the table and I got my hopes up that "Yes, she is the one. She is the one who can do what I want with that table". (what are you thinking about; dirty mind. All I am hoping is that she will be damaging the table). I am hoping, praying that she gets more furious. She was talking funny things but I was more interested in her damaging talent than talking talent. Sadly she went without any fruitful result.

There was another contender in the race of damaging the table with an umbrella at CCD. Her English and Marathi was - well.. how do you spell "disgaaasting". But she was more a "disaepoeinthing" than anything else.

In this way - I am still looking for a table with an umbrella; chairs optional.

So, more to come, hopefully.

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