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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Perfect scenes using songs - 1

Remember those amazing moments in a TV series like "FRIENDS" and "How I met your mother" (now on - HIMYM). These two series have a very common thing when it comes to displaying emotions - they use songs. Songs that mostly are not heard now-a-days. Many old songs but which are so perfect for the scene that you feel touched.

I got the idea of this blog when I was watching one of the episode of HIMYM (needless to say - watching it again). It was 18th episode of season 1 (Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M.) and this one song in background really was amazing. When the first time I was watching this episode, I did not notice the song much - I guess when you watch it again and again - you tend to notice more and more.

So here was the scene - Ted and the buttercup girl Victoria are right now in a long distance relationship (always a bad idea). Robin is lonely so she calls Ted for a juice (ya, an excuse only). Ted goes for it and on the way discovers that Robin too likes him (courtesy - Lily).
How I Met Your Mother

Ted lies to Robin that he broke up with Victoria. Victoria calls Ted but Robin answers the call thinking its her mobile phone. So now Victoria knows Ted was with Robin while Robin knows that Ted lied to her. At the end of the scene - Ted - as he puts it - has hurt two people who he cares about. And the background song is - The Hard Left.

The song goes like:


Sorry Baby but its getting too much to take
I close my eyes I know my hearts about to break
I'm down on my knees trying to pick myself up
When the battles over, seems nothing not enough

The way you do me, you know it hurts me to the bone
How you touch me, I'd be better off alone
Saying I'm sorry till I'm blue in the face
Leaves me empty with no love left to waste

We promise to have, oh we promise to hold
How does a promise ever grow old

So listen baby, I'm gonna get back on my feet
Tuck this old shirt and wipe the crimson off my cheek
Remember these secrets were all that I kept
When I pull out this driveway and hang a Hard Left

We promise to have, oh we promise to hold
How does a promise ever grow old.


Would have written this for another audience on my cousin's music website blog but then I thought this more qualifies for my blog than music oriented blog. Also, the song in itself isnt great but when you watch the episode you feel the song is perfect. The learning from this episode - Nothing good happens after 2 am, so when its 2 am - go to sleep.

Similar perfection can also be found FRIENDS series. How it can be that I do not talk about FRIENDS!!

First episode of FRIENDS that strikes me for the song (apart from its awesome title song) is England Swing by Roger Miller. It is played in the episode The One With Ross' Wedding, Part 1 (Season 4 Episode 23) where Ross and Emily are getting married in London and all others are there too. The time when Joey and Chandler are going site seeing in London and this song just brings more freshness to London backdrop. You actually feel like enjoying the London.


England swings like a pendulum do
Bobbies on bicycles, two by two
Westminster Abbey, the tower of Big Ben
The rosy red cheeks of the little children


Joey irritating Chandler with hat
It is shown that Joey is constantly following and clicking Chandler in camera across locations of London. Chan gets freaked out and starts ignoring Joe. Joey then, likes a England flag made hat and that irritates chandler more and he....well - go watch it if you haven't. :)

Both songs are easily available on YouTube. I will be writing next few more posts on this topic - so more to come, hopefully.

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