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Monday, September 3, 2012

An evening in Bandra - part 1

It was a Saturday evening I reached a club in Bandra, Mumbai, parked my car and as I tried to call my friends, I found there was some problem with the network in the parking and the call was not getting connected at all. I thought to get out of the parking and make the call. 

As I was crossing the area, I saw a beautiful girl standing there. I thought may be she is waiting for someone to pick her up. Then I thought, it just start of the evening and why would someone be going out of the place. By the way, a little more about her - she was amazingly dressed and was looking absolutely stunning. Kind of fair looking girl she was, Wearing a purple mix with white and gray top with a fine line denim bottom. By the look of her you can say she was ready for the party. But what was she doing standing there as if she is waiting for someone. May be she was also having same phone problem as me. 

To be honest - she reminded me of someone I knew during my junior college. So, I thought to walk over to her and ask if she needed any help!!! She did saw me going in the parking area and she was also noticing me heading towards her. I gave her a smile as a greeting gesture and she smiled back as I was just few yards from saying "Hi" to her.
She was wearing this diamond studded glittering earrings and a nose diamond. Wow!!! I never imagined that a small pin size nose-diamond could add so much to a girl's beauty. Stunning that looked on her.

Me: Hey, any problems there?
She: Yeah.. no really.. I am good.
Me: Okay. (then I again try to call my friends and call again drops out without connecting)
She is looking around - it seemed as if my presence is making her uncomfortable. Obviously so!! We both were equally strangers behaving equally strange in a strange parking area.
I thought to get out of there so...

Me: Ok then.. have a nice time.
She: You too...

As I started walking outside.

She: Hey.. would you mind if you stay for a while here please. I am waiting for my friends and they haven't showed up yet.
Me: I am also not able to reach my friends..but.. no probs.. I will wait for my friends here.
She: Thanks... My name is Rutu.
Me: I am Dhanesh. Nice to meet you.

And that's how I met Rutu. She gave me many reasons to never forget this evening. Why so? What happened next? All that will be posted very soon. Keep reading. Believe me - something absolutely unexpected happened that night.

Definitely - More to be continued.....


  1. Hey nicely continue writing ...Hope we will get the real twist as you promise ;p
    All the Best

    1. Thanks. Just completed the story and posted. Have a read and let me know if the twist is present as promised?
      keep reading. :)