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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Phone war - Apple iphone vs Samsung

Apple won the patent trial against Samsung and Samsung lost for some $1 Billion. The first thing I did after reading this news is I started counting how many zeros are in that and how much that mean in Rupees - because obviously, like all the Indians staying anywhere in the world - we don’t understand it until we convert it to Rupees.

I am not really going to write about this. Personally, I use a Samsung galaxy and I am pretty much happy with Android. Yes, I also agree that there is nothing like an iPhone. And I believe iphone is for sure overpriced if not overrated. But yes, it has always been Apple versus the others. But then, Samsung is awesome in itself whether or not they copied some features - there are 100s of other features in there too.

It’s all getting serious, isn’t it. I am here to day to tell you about an incident that took place with one of my friends who has - 100 points for guessing - an iphone. They say, one of the features of iPhone 4 is the scratch resistance and drop resistance and rusty and all. Means, it is a strong device in itself.

But this friend of mine - who changes phone nearly every 3 months and now has switched to iphone 4s - is not a aware of this, until last week. Now, what I am about to tell is what he told me - if you think it cant happen, blame him.

Travelling somewhere in bus my friend was playing Paper Toss game on iphone when his iphone grabbed the eye of a cute (he says so) girl. She asked him if she can play a game on it and he gave it to her.

(This guy - doesn't even allow boys to touch it, and he gave it to her to play a game - breach of Brocode)

Now, this girl I suppose was a Micromax phone user because, somehow, while playing the paper toss on iphone, she tossed the iphone itself. The iphone went flying and landed 2-3 feet in front. She screamed during the iphone's flight and everyone was able to watch the device landing; crash landing. My friend might as well have got a mild heart attack too - no one saw his face.

The iphone managed to be in fine condition with few scratches - Attaphone!!! And my friend got punishment for breach of Brocode too.

When it comes to sturdiness, nothing beats Nokia. My Nokia phone has lived the most adventurous life where I throw it in the air just for fun and catch it after it comes back down visiting 4-5 floors. In one of the episodes, my cousin's Nokia survived a 5 floor drop from staircase flight. He went down picking up at least one part per floor finally assembling the phone in parking lot. In two minutes he shouted - "Phone is working except the hash key, search for it". Nokia rocked at a time in its life.

More to come, hopefully.

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