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Monday, August 20, 2012

Joint Account - Really!!!

Yes, its my first day at new office and I do not know many people. As there is nothing much to do, I was recalling some of the times where I smiled or laugh. Now sharing with you for a laugh (if you find it funny too).

Here is what happen when I once visited bank (yeah, I had to because apparently, somethings cannot be done via netbanking).
I was not trying to hear the conversation the woman and the man were having, but they were so loud that I bet even the bird flying a mile up in the sky would be able to hear them. If you were in a perimeter of one mile in heart of Dombivali - Mumbai, I am sure you already heard them.
They were discussing about opening a joint account. They did not look newly married so I guessed they were lately having a thought of opening a joint account due to something I don't yet know.

Woman: What is the benefit we are supposed to get out of this. We both have independent accounts.
Man: See, independently, we are not able to track expenses and so we are not planning in good way. From now on we will only use this joint account for household and other expenses and see how much we are left with.
Me (thinking): That seems smart move. Attaboy!!!

Woman: I am so excited about this. Finally we are getting a joint account done. It will be fun.
Man: Yeah, it will be.

Me (thinking and nearly reaching LOL): Yes, it will be fun for everyone except you man.

Bank Exec: So here is how it works. Anyone can put in money; You can withdraw money using debit card and you also get a credit card whose bill will be paid off from the money in account.

Joint Account - Money couple

Man: Great. Thanks.
Woman: I will keep the debit card, I visit shop more.
Man: Yeah, sounds cool. And I will take credit card.
Woman: Ok. But for what?
Man: Ehh... I do shop at times.
Woman: But not without me. Let me have that credit card too.
Man: Well...
Woman: Give it here, safe in my purse. *Smiles*

Me (thinking and between LOL & ROFL): Safe in Purse.. Are you kidding the man there.

The man and woman are just about to leave but suddenly -

Woman: Now that we are already here - I think you should deposit 20000 to start out joint account. *holds his hand*

You can guess what happened next. Yes, he deposited money in the joint account and I am sure she went shopping later - without him.

I somehow managed to pick up myself after all that ROFL and finished my work at bank. Then I was thinking whether the couple was recently married or not.
The way she smoothly made him do what she wanted suggested that they were. Or probably, they have been sleeping early for a long time except that morning.

More to come people. Hopefully.

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