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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It is so gay

I am little cautious about not possessing anything that is Pink. Once got a shirt as gift which was little pinkish-purple in colour. I did get it changed after a long argument as how I do or do not respect other's gifts. Believe me, it was a long discussion but I don't care - make that  pinkish-purple thing change its colour.

Once I saw two guys accidentally wearing same shirt on casual day in office. On top of it, they were from same team and were friends too, so they did hang out whole day together with same kind of shirt. If I would I been a part of that accident then I would rather have had a real accident before reaching office like that.
If you haven't got the point yet - their shirts were pink (baby pink precisely).

The new office somehow does not have an exchange policy, or even a discussion policy regarding office stuff. In case you are wondering what I am talking about, well, I got a  pinkish-purple bottle as a part welcome kit.

The  pinkish-purple bottle
Because I would not have this bottle back in my house, it stays on my work place.

I actually did ask if there was other colour only to make the HR get a laugh on it.

Today, in evening I went to meet friends. New haircut is hardly a point of discussion with boys and we don't compliment much on this. The criticism, is always a possibility though.
Displayed the welcome kit to them and told them the bottle which I left in office (on purpose off course). They were all digging in as why I get so freaked out on somethings - I gave up the conversation saying "because it is so gay".

A new entrant to the group was quiet till now. He is a friend of friend of friend...means I don't exactly know who the hell he was.
New guy: Is complimenting another boy is so gay?
Me: No, complimenting isn't exactly so.
New guy: You got a cool haircut dude.
Me: Ehh.. what? Thanks.
New guy: I mean really, what did you do? The back hair looks longer but not bushy. Seems you have a thin kind of hair. Is the gray a shade you added or are those getting white now.

(By now, everyone is suspecting the New guy for something and are just moving away from him)

New guy: (Continues...) I think you should try the reverse combing of your hair. Can I just touch....
Me: *shouts* No........ you know what - complimenting a boy on his hairstyle may not be any kind of gay but talking on and on about it IS SO GAY.

He backs off and goes in silent mode again.

More writes to come; hopefully.

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