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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lines I like

There has always been many thoughts and quotes that I like to read every now and then. Here are some of the lines that I really like to browse through when I have to kill some time.

Also, I have added these on the left panel of my blog to remain there forever. I will be updating those when I can.


Be clever enough to get what you want & stupid enough to want it.

Don't be afraid to take that big step.

He has the right to criticize who has the heart to help. (Abraham Lincoln)

If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your future plans.

My funda for Life's problems - helped a lot after exams and before results

It's actually nice to keep discovering new meanings of life.

It's hard to make a comeback, when u hasn’t reached anywhere. (a friend once said - Jyoti)

Everything is possible; impossible just takes longer. (same friend again)

It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything. (Fight Club)

Life is the first gift, parents is the second, and understanding the third

Reputation is what men and women think of us. Character is what God and the angels know of us.

One often meets his destiny on the way he tries to avoid (Master Oogway @ Kung Fu Panda)

Nothing is truly ever lost.

If two people believe in something, really truly believe, then even the impossible is possible. (Castle)

Do you need badly enough to get over being hurt? (Castle)

One step in front of other and we will be just through this day. (Castle)

Sometimes.. I just don’t care if something is not good for me.. Happiness is under rated and long term benefits are over rated. (Dhanesh)

If you can do something for the good of others, then you have to do it; not as a choice but as a responsibility.

Secrets have huge price.

TV sets - alternative to close relationships.

No ghost is at peace until it moves on.

Robin to Ted - You don’t feel bad because you said you love me; its because after you said you love me, you let me go away. (How I met your mother)

The hottest love has the coldest end.

All perception of enemy is projection of your ego. (Revolver)

Research is what I am doing when I don't know what I am doing.

God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts.

A clean desk is a sign of a cluttered desk drawer. (true for me)


More to come, hopefully.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cricket and Sachin

Cricket is a religion in India

With the India-New Zealand test series on the way, I thought of writing something about cricket in India. If you want to know why cricket is called a religion here, just try to talk to any Indian about cricket. For the starters - here is a list of top 3 topics that will fetch you maximum attention:

1. These cricketers should concentrate on game than advertising
2. Can India do good in the upcoming series (especially if the series is world cup/against Aus or SAF or End)
3. Dhoni is best captain ever (after this, beware of Ganguly fans - they are still out there)

Why this happens - because everyone is an expert in cricket whether or not they ever played it. Even a mother back home would say on a misfield or a boundary - he should have made a jump to stop it.

As I said - 
Cricket is a religion in India and hope you know that Sachin Tendulkar is God

For maximum attention on this, all you have to say is "I think Sachin should retire". 
Warning: Those might be the last words of your life.
Sachin Tendulkar - God of Cricket

Want to witness the divine following for Sachin - just hop in any place when he is batting. If he is approaching a century - you are about to witness how many people can be stressed for same reason at the same time.

Personally, I feel the stress even when I am watching a repeat telecast. His every shot, every miss, every hit, every camera appearance - I guess you got my point. I mean, whatever he does fetches a applause in stadium.

Stadium, right - Go watch a match having Sachin in it at any part of India. Then I am sure, you will believe, if you don't already believe that Cricket is a religion and Sachin is the God.

FYI: Do not at any cost be involved in a discussion which is against Sachin. You can say anything you want against any other player in the team and world in any sport, but never anything against Sachin. This may be harmful for your life.

More to come, hopefully.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Phone war - Apple iphone vs Samsung

Apple won the patent trial against Samsung and Samsung lost for some $1 Billion. The first thing I did after reading this news is I started counting how many zeros are in that and how much that mean in Rupees - because obviously, like all the Indians staying anywhere in the world - we don’t understand it until we convert it to Rupees.

I am not really going to write about this. Personally, I use a Samsung galaxy and I am pretty much happy with Android. Yes, I also agree that there is nothing like an iPhone. And I believe iphone is for sure overpriced if not overrated. But yes, it has always been Apple versus the others. But then, Samsung is awesome in itself whether or not they copied some features - there are 100s of other features in there too.

It’s all getting serious, isn’t it. I am here to day to tell you about an incident that took place with one of my friends who has - 100 points for guessing - an iphone. They say, one of the features of iPhone 4 is the scratch resistance and drop resistance and rusty and all. Means, it is a strong device in itself.

But this friend of mine - who changes phone nearly every 3 months and now has switched to iphone 4s - is not a aware of this, until last week. Now, what I am about to tell is what he told me - if you think it cant happen, blame him.

Travelling somewhere in bus my friend was playing Paper Toss game on iphone when his iphone grabbed the eye of a cute (he says so) girl. She asked him if she can play a game on it and he gave it to her.

(This guy - doesn't even allow boys to touch it, and he gave it to her to play a game - breach of Brocode)

Now, this girl I suppose was a Micromax phone user because, somehow, while playing the paper toss on iphone, she tossed the iphone itself. The iphone went flying and landed 2-3 feet in front. She screamed during the iphone's flight and everyone was able to watch the device landing; crash landing. My friend might as well have got a mild heart attack too - no one saw his face.

The iphone managed to be in fine condition with few scratches - Attaphone!!! And my friend got punishment for breach of Brocode too.

When it comes to sturdiness, nothing beats Nokia. My Nokia phone has lived the most adventurous life where I throw it in the air just for fun and catch it after it comes back down visiting 4-5 floors. In one of the episodes, my cousin's Nokia survived a 5 floor drop from staircase flight. He went down picking up at least one part per floor finally assembling the phone in parking lot. In two minutes he shouted - "Phone is working except the hash key, search for it". Nokia rocked at a time in its life.

More to come, hopefully.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It is so gay

I am little cautious about not possessing anything that is Pink. Once got a shirt as gift which was little pinkish-purple in colour. I did get it changed after a long argument as how I do or do not respect other's gifts. Believe me, it was a long discussion but I don't care - make that  pinkish-purple thing change its colour.

Once I saw two guys accidentally wearing same shirt on casual day in office. On top of it, they were from same team and were friends too, so they did hang out whole day together with same kind of shirt. If I would I been a part of that accident then I would rather have had a real accident before reaching office like that.
If you haven't got the point yet - their shirts were pink (baby pink precisely).

The new office somehow does not have an exchange policy, or even a discussion policy regarding office stuff. In case you are wondering what I am talking about, well, I got a  pinkish-purple bottle as a part welcome kit.

The  pinkish-purple bottle
Because I would not have this bottle back in my house, it stays on my work place.

I actually did ask if there was other colour only to make the HR get a laugh on it.

Today, in evening I went to meet friends. New haircut is hardly a point of discussion with boys and we don't compliment much on this. The criticism, is always a possibility though.
Displayed the welcome kit to them and told them the bottle which I left in office (on purpose off course). They were all digging in as why I get so freaked out on somethings - I gave up the conversation saying "because it is so gay".

A new entrant to the group was quiet till now. He is a friend of friend of friend...means I don't exactly know who the hell he was.
New guy: Is complimenting another boy is so gay?
Me: No, complimenting isn't exactly so.
New guy: You got a cool haircut dude.
Me: Ehh.. what? Thanks.
New guy: I mean really, what did you do? The back hair looks longer but not bushy. Seems you have a thin kind of hair. Is the gray a shade you added or are those getting white now.

(By now, everyone is suspecting the New guy for something and are just moving away from him)

New guy: (Continues...) I think you should try the reverse combing of your hair. Can I just touch....
Me: *shouts* No........ you know what - complimenting a boy on his hairstyle may not be any kind of gay but talking on and on about it IS SO GAY.

He backs off and goes in silent mode again.

More writes to come; hopefully.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Joint Account - Really!!!

Yes, its my first day at new office and I do not know many people. As there is nothing much to do, I was recalling some of the times where I smiled or laugh. Now sharing with you for a laugh (if you find it funny too).

Here is what happen when I once visited bank (yeah, I had to because apparently, somethings cannot be done via netbanking).
I was not trying to hear the conversation the woman and the man were having, but they were so loud that I bet even the bird flying a mile up in the sky would be able to hear them. If you were in a perimeter of one mile in heart of Dombivali - Mumbai, I am sure you already heard them.
They were discussing about opening a joint account. They did not look newly married so I guessed they were lately having a thought of opening a joint account due to something I don't yet know.

Woman: What is the benefit we are supposed to get out of this. We both have independent accounts.
Man: See, independently, we are not able to track expenses and so we are not planning in good way. From now on we will only use this joint account for household and other expenses and see how much we are left with.
Me (thinking): That seems smart move. Attaboy!!!

Woman: I am so excited about this. Finally we are getting a joint account done. It will be fun.
Man: Yeah, it will be.

Me (thinking and nearly reaching LOL): Yes, it will be fun for everyone except you man.

Bank Exec: So here is how it works. Anyone can put in money; You can withdraw money using debit card and you also get a credit card whose bill will be paid off from the money in account.

Joint Account - Money couple

Man: Great. Thanks.
Woman: I will keep the debit card, I visit shop more.
Man: Yeah, sounds cool. And I will take credit card.
Woman: Ok. But for what?
Man: Ehh... I do shop at times.
Woman: But not without me. Let me have that credit card too.
Man: Well...
Woman: Give it here, safe in my purse. *Smiles*

Me (thinking and between LOL & ROFL): Safe in Purse.. Are you kidding the man there.

The man and woman are just about to leave but suddenly -

Woman: Now that we are already here - I think you should deposit 20000 to start out joint account. *holds his hand*

You can guess what happened next. Yes, he deposited money in the joint account and I am sure she went shopping later - without him.

I somehow managed to pick up myself after all that ROFL and finished my work at bank. Then I was thinking whether the couple was recently married or not.
The way she smoothly made him do what she wanted suggested that they were. Or probably, they have been sleeping early for a long time except that morning.

More to come people. Hopefully.